before commerce

​Business owners know videos and quality content is 70%

of all sales​.

​Our job is to establish the

​best relationship possible with you and your customers.​​

Filming commercials of your business and products creates buzz while building credibility.


People Buy From People

You Don't need thousands of dollars to look the part.

          You need quality content that builds trust and confidence in your brand.​

Video Production

            ​​​most entrepreneurs assume

      quality content marketing and video production​

​cost thousands of dollars.

​ evens the playing field for business owners.​​

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  • Create commercials advertising their products
  • Film every company event (meetings, gatherings, speeches, trade shows, etc)​​​​​​​
  • Market their videos online to create brand awareness
  • Create business cards
  • Create a new company logo



  • Video street promotions for events and products
  • ​​Film daily video blogs for company products 
  • Test and review company products 
  • Voice overs for new products
  • Photography for products, new properties for realtors and Airbnb, company events, weddings, etc





Content Marketing​

Made Simple

 ​(Q): Why Film interview style commercials?

​(A)​: Customers like other people

who are just like them, and

they like companies that reflect themselves​​